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Tag: The Sunshine Blogger Award

Evening my beautiful friends. I decided to do a tag! 

Now apparently this tag is called the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hmm. *wry face*.

I mean, okay. I'm not generally a ray of sunshine, I more resemble one of those elusive shadowy areas under a tree, but I guess I can pretend for a while.

I'm taking this tag from Andrew over at The Russian Gopher. So basically according to the rules I have to answer his question and then come up with 11 more. Oh aye, and I have to tag 11 bloggers. That may not happen. We shall see.

Disclaimer: my answers are going to be really vague and boring. Feel free to skip. :D

1. What would you do if you got a date with your celebrity crush?

And now we all watch as Rosie realizes that she doesn't actually have a celebrity crush. Lol.

2. Which do you like better: Science fiction or medieval/fantasy?

For some reason I'm not very fond of medieval themed stories. I used to be, I don't know what happened. But not anymore. So I'll go with science fiction…

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